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Thank you for considering a contribution to JDRF.  Your generous donation will help find a cure, or at a minimum, a much better way to manage the daily, if not hourly, tasks that have to be done for Addi, and others living with type 1 diabetes (t1d) to live. JDRF has so much on the horizon, and Art & I were privileged enough to meet with Dr. Andrew Stewart recently and hear first hand about the studies he is doing with both the beta cells and artificial pancreas.  His work is so promising and is funded by JDRF.  But JDRF needs to continue to get the funding for his work, and others working towards a cure, to come to fruition. 

So thank you for helping to find a way to turn type 1 into type none.
With grattitude, Art, Nancy and Addi Golembiewski

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